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General Description

Leo Product Recommendations for WooCommerce is a sale boosting plugin by recommending products to customers based on purchased products. After adding a product to the cart it will show recommended products in a popup modal in front of the right customer, at the right time

It provides an elegant way to recommend and sell more.
For example, after purchasing a smartphone definitely there is a high possibility that the customer will be interested to purchase mobile accessories like a mobile cover, screen paper, headphones, etc. Leo Products Recommendations helps here to recommend that products instantly in a popup.

In another scenario, customers usually search for the best matching T-Shirt after purchasing a pair of Jeans pant. Leo Product Recommendations helps here to sell T-Shirts with a pair of jeans.

It provides a powerful backend selection panel to assign recommended products base on your business and marketing strategy.  All possible variations are available in selection panel including Manual selection, select by category and tags, best selling, top-rated, on sale products, etc to assign recommend products perfectly.

Leo Products Recommendation does everything Ajax way to improve the shopping experience. Customers do not require to redirect/reload a lot of pages to purchase products. It reduces the steps and time of shopping and increases the chances of selling. 

Leo Product Recommendations provides a Powerful Settings panel to customize recommended products popup to give a matching look following your store. In the setting panel, you can easily customize grid, color, background, font, etc matching perfectly with your theme.

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